Zamazané dny / Blurry days

Welcome to new BastlaWeb. We have changed the core system from wordpress to joomla. Please feel comfort to leave some comments.

With new BastlaWeb, new version of Blurry days was released. Project is now final, but if you find some bugs, inform me via email or comment. Among new features, i suggest to test new Wiimote control option. You need to have one Wiimote (from nintendo Wii), bluetooth (tested on Toshiba stack and Bluesoleil (only v click here) and only under XP (i did not succeeded under Vista)), WiiFlashServer (click here, thanks to Joa Ebert and Thibault Imbert, running and add this site in flash player among trusted sites (right click in flash app -> settings -> Global Security Settings Panel -> Add location).

click here to play Zmazané dny / Blurry days (or on the picture)

For other information, check this help link.

Other changes are complete English translation,

interactive resolution and render quality changes in menu,

new 3d hand cursor in papervision (thanks for model to David Sekula),

extras and help options

and complete AS3 rewrite (webcam aplication is still AS2, no time to rewrite webcam core).

Thanks and enjoy bastlaWorld.

P.S.: Notice also new bastla super easy logo creator 🙂

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